Mikelangelo at Winnebago Lounge 15/11/15

with MC Sarah Carroll
Winnebago Lounge, Sunday 15th November 2015

The last few years have seen my birthday fall on a weekend or close to it so I wanted a good gig to attend on that date. Dan Warner's band was on at the Gasometer, but I saw him earlier in the month. It was great to have Mikelangelo on and Sarah MCing as they are two of my favourite artists. Suzannah was doing a gig in NSW so I could not get there.

For most of the first set Mikelangelo did some solo songs and then had his band join him for the rest of the songs. Sarah also got to do a song during the night and JVG even got up to play guitar at one point.

I had not expected her back until the next week, but Clare st Clare even got up to do a song with Mikelangelo, which was lovely. I am looking forward to their Christmas show and have booked a ticket.

I was originally planning to stay on for Charles Jenkins' gig at Dogs Bar but I wanted to get home by the end of the gig. I did get to say hello to Tim Rogers and got some lewd birthday wishes off him.


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