Mojo Juju at the Caravan Music Club 04/07/15

with KIDDO
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 4th July 2015

I had been meaning to come see Mojo Juju but always seemed to miss seeing her gigs due to having something else on.

With Loretta Miller's new band KIDDO debuting on the night I was not going to miss it as I always try to make it when she is playing in Oakleigh.

Mojo Juju has even more young women fans than other bands I have seen with a woman lead singer and they like to dance which makes for a good night. Even people who I did not think would be that into her have heard of Mojo Juju so she does have a growing following.

As it turned out I ended up leaving a bit early during the main act, but I am sure everyone had a good night. I am looking forward to seeing Mojo Juju in the future and also KIDDO even if Loretta does not wear the BOY hat.


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