New Year's Eve 2015 with Suzannah Espie and the Last Word

with Native Plants and guests
Union Hotel Brunswick, Thursday 31st December 2015

Nick Barker was at the Caravan Music Club for New Year's Eve this year, but I decided just to go see a band locally and had missed seeing Suzannah last year on NYE due to seeing the Band Who Knew Too Much.

I had to go into the city and out again so ended up arriving early. Ilana also turned up around the same time and we had a table near the front, which was nice.

Starting off the night were locals the Native Plants who went well I thought. Ilana wanted to catch up during this time so I didn't hear much.

Suzannah did two sets with the first one being songs off her new album plus her old songs and the second set being more rocking with the new year count down and Dave the harmonica player from Cold Chisel guesting. Also Alison Ferrier played the fiddle, which was nice. Andy Reid and some other people turned up towards the end after the Miserable Little Bastards gig at the Standard Hotel and sang backing.

It was a good night and I didn't mind having to wait for a long time for a tram back into the city (they were all going out) and then going out to Carnegie/East Malvern (I missed one on purpose and the Carnegie one short-shunted), was nearly 4am when I got home. Woke up at 8am as I could not sleep longer for some reason.


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