Out on the Weekend 2015

with Big Smoke, Leah Senior, Shelly Colvin, Mustered Courage, Ruby Boots, Suzannah Espie and the Last Word, T-Bones, Sam Outlaw, Jamestown Revival, Tex, Don & Charlie
Seaworks, Saturday 17th October 2014

As with last year I had asked if I could bring my SLR to take photos but didn't get an answer back. No matter I had already booked the ticket any way if they are going to be like that about it.

I did stop on the way to get donuts from Olympic Donuts in Footscray, probably got too many but they were still good to eat cold later in the day.

I arrived around 11am and had to wait for a bit for the gates to open. It did not seem as long as last year but I also had better shoes on.

There were too many good acts during the day for me to pick out any real highlights but I especially enjoyed Mustered Courage, Ruby Boots, Suzannah Espie and Tex, Don and Charlie. Some people I knew came just to see the Tex, Don and Charlie and were happy to see them.

I did get to see the start of Twang from the Pirate's Bar but I wanted to see the other acts so I did not stay for the whole show this year. Also the bar was an official venue for the festival so I saw the T-Bones there and walked in while Los Ragas were playing to a packed out crowd.

Was good food again and I think I had the same thing for dinner as I had last year. I did not drink that much. It was good to see everyone and I mostly put my camera away after taking a few shots at the start of each act as it was too fiddly.

I did end up leaving early again as my feet were too saw, but it had been a long enough day for me already. I was going to go out the next day but decided against it to have a rest. Not sure if this festival will be on next year as numbers were down and the Sydney version of the festival was cancelled due to poor ticket sales. Was good while it lasted.


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