Queenscliff Music Festival 2015 - Friday

Tinpan Orange, Faux, Georgia Rodgers, Louis Baker, Morgan Bain, Jack Filmore, Harts, 19-Twenty, Sahara Beck, The Snowdroppers, The California Honeydrops
Friday 27th November 2015

I had been working all this year so not as much worry in the build up to the festival as to how I would afford it. My friends were moving from Ocean Grove to Grovedale on the festival weekend so I could not stay there, luckily Sarah was happy for me to stay at her place in Clifton Springs again this year. I even got the bus to Clifton Springs instead of the festival as it meant I did not have to lug my bags down to the festival and around for a few hours before I had somewhere to put them.

I did bring a sketch book with me to try and get some sketches of the bands, but did not get to use it as much as I thought I would. If you weren't taking photos it would be easier to do.

Sarah was judging the foot in the door for Friday and Saturday so I decided to at least call in to see some of the acts. I did want to see Georgia Rodgers also.

It was great to see Tinpan Orange again, even if Emily said she did not feel the set went that well. It reminded me of seeing them a few years back when they were the first act of the festival and Emily called out Mal Webb for doing the clapping in front of his mouth (had to be there thing.)

For most of the Friday I just wandered between the stages as I did not have a commitment to one act or another. Áine had mentioned Sarah Beck so I came back to see her in the Pavillion. I also decided to see her the next day as I enjoyed her so much.

The Snowdroppers were alright, but seem to have gone more rock and were not as interesting as last time I saw them.

The California Honeydrops had played at the Caravan Music Club on the Wednesday before, but I did not want to go to another gig so close to the festival. I ran into some punters who had enjoyed them enough on the Wednesday to come down and see them again. I was going to try and see them again but couldn't quite manage it apart from seeing them play an impromptu gig on the street on the Saturday night.

Even though I was not taking photos at the main stage this year (everyone else was there), I did go to see the Melbourne Ska Orchestra and enjoyed the dancing. Was pretty late by the time we all got back to Sarah's.


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