Queenscliff Music Festival 2015 - Saturday

Bellarine VET Music (Righteous Desmond, Evony Dilema, Rachael Hart, Chitra Ridwan, Abby Grace & Erica Lyon, Mild Child), Sweethearts, Mustered Courage, Áine Tyrrell, Sahara Beck, Benny Walker, All Our Exes Live in Texas, The Tiny Giants, Damian Cowell's Disco Machine
Saturday 28th November 2015

After waking up late and being in a rush to get back down to the festival I decided I would just chill out at the Bellarine VET Music showcase. It was a good opportunity to see a lot of the younger performers from the area.

Sweethearts were great as always and I got to see Sarah presenting the Ross Lipson award to one of her friends.

The schedule worked out that Mustered Courage was the only band I got to see on the train, but it was worth it and I even got a video of them playing.

Due to the train running late, Áine Tyrrell had already started by the time I got up to the church and I had to make do with a place at the side. Was still great to see them play and Sarah got to join them on a couple of songs.

I ended up staying for Sarah Beck and got to see the world's youngest stage manager (the son of her road manager) and got some cute photos.

Due to the Vue Grand being a limited capacity venue, I decided to go see Benny Walker there first so I could get a spot for the next band. I thought he went pretty well and even purchased one of his albums afterwards.

All Our Exes Live in Texas had played a gig in Collingwood on Thursday but that would have been greedy. I was happy to be able to sit in the front row and get lots of photos.

As I had only had some biscuits from one of the stalls for lunch I was pretty hungry by dinner and had way too much from the food truck even though it was good.

The Tiny Giants played well to an excitable crowd, I did not get to have a dance with Sarah due to the crowd being a bit overexcited and she was watching out for the band.

As happened last year I decided to stay for the entire set over at the other stage even when people left for the headliner. It was good I did as I was not able to make Damian Cowell's Disco Machine's Christmas Show this time. Emily had magical horizontal hair.

I did go to see Hoodoo Gurus afterwards but decided to just enjoy watching them after a long day.


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