Queenscliff Music Festival 2015 - Sunday

Tides of Welcome, All Our Exes Live in Texas, Ainslie Wills, Áine Tyrrell, Tinpan Orange
Sunday 29th November 2015

Sarah had a gig play at the Caravan Music Club and offered to take me back early but there were still a few people I wanted to see.

I got dropped off at the church and waited for the Tides of Welcome Choir. They had some new songs in their set this year including Tusk at the end.

All Our Exes Live in Texas had started by the time I got down to the festival site, but it was good to see them again even if for a short time.

I did go to see Ainslie Wills after Emily from Tinpan Orange had recommended her.

As with yesterday I decided to go to Vue Grand to see two bands in a row. I got to see the full set of Áine Tyrrell and in such a good venue as the Vue Grand.

It was great to see Tinpan Orange for my last act at the festival, I was not too fussed with missing Angus and Julia Stone or the after party as you have to be in the town to enjoy that and it is hard to top the rest of the weekend.

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get a lift back to Sarah's but luckily Emily from Tinpan Orange offered me a lift, which was nice.

I had my first drink for the weekend when I got back to Clifton Springs and watched Dr Who, the Monkees Head and a bad rap compilation. Was a great weekend. Luckily I did not have a job interview the next day so I did not need to rush back this time.


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