RRR BBQ Day 2015

with JVG, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra (Dan Warner, Matt Earl, Nathan Farrelly, Adam Simmons, Dan Hall), Ian Bland, Josh Earl, Suzannah Espie, Danny Walsh, Kate Boston Smith, Pete Ewing, Andy Reid, Angie Hart, Cash Savage, Dr Pump, Sarah Carroll, Eugene Hamilton, Slats
Ceres Environment Park, Sunday 6th December 2015

Song list:
Into the shaslik - Dan Warner
Poem - Ian Bland
Acapella - Josh Earl
Veals on Fire - Suzannah Espie
Tray Dripper - Danny Walsh
Funky Sausage - JVG
Poem & Pour some sugar - Kate Boston Smith
That's the way I light it - Pete Ewing
I've BBQ'ed everything - Andy Reid
Barbequein' - JVG
Poem - Angie Hart
Thyme of the Season - Angie Hart with LadyChoir
Simply indegestible - Cash Savage
Mortadella - Pumpy
It's a lambs world - Pumpy
What difference if it's steak - Pumpy
Addicted to baste - Sarah Carroll
Just a GMO - Eugene Hamilton
Whole lot of rosemary - Slats
Caravan - Dan Warner

I was a lot busier this year with work and going out so I decided not to jump the queue on all the photos and do the BBQ Day photos the day after. It is not fair on all the other gigs I do in that period since they have to wait until after Christmas to get looked at. Some I didn't even get the chance to do that. Hence this is being written on New Year's Day since I am running further behind than usual due to the amount of stuff I have to get through.

After last year's wash out and having to go to the RRR FM live performance space at the last minute for BBQ day, it was great to be back at Ceres. The weather seemed a bit iffy with the cloud cover but it ended up getting quite hot and I had a few people tell me they left early due to not being able to stand up in the sun for so long. I would worry if it was a 40 degree day since I would probably be one of the only people there and JVG has said as much on his show.

Eat It was just about to start when I arrived and seemed to go well with JVG being a special guest. The Downlow was a new show this year and seemed to go OK, not sure if they are suited to being outside that much.

The JVG BBQ Day spectacular was busy as always and seemed to be altogether too short when it was over. I always end up listening to it a few days afterwards to try and catch more of the songs as I miss some of the lyrics having to take photos.

Special highlight was Kate Boston Smith's poem and song and red shorts, was almost a mutiny when Pete Ewing gave her lip when he came on stage.

Pumpy also got to do a dance as did Sarah and Suzannah with Eugene Hamilton.

I was very hot and tired afterwards and there were a few people giving me the shits at the pub so I did not get to stay long to see Dan Warner and band, a shame as he performed the real songs from BBQ day but without the lyrics changed.

It was a great day again and I hope to be back again next year to see it.


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