The Rebelles "Go! Rebelle!" Album Launch

with MC Andrew McClelland, Empat Lima, Dane Certificate and special guest Mikelangelo
Thornbury Theatre, Saturday 25th July 2015

It had been quite a while since the album for the Rebelles had been announced and I had been to the mini gig near the Queen Vic night market and supported the Pozible in the meantime. Mick Thomas was meant to have a show at the Caravan that night, but luckily he scheduled another gig the next week.

Due to their being so many people who have been through the Rebelles the support band Empat Lima had one of the ex-singers from the band who also guested during the show.

The Thornbury Theatre is a big room but each of the singers from the Rebelles bringing a few people each filled it pretty quickly. The band split their set into two with a special guest performance by Dane Certificate magic show in the middle.

Extra special guest on one song was Mikelangelo. It was a good show but I probably should have gone straight to bed when I got home as I was very tired the next day.


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