Suzannah Espie "Mother's Not Feeling Herself Today" Album Launch

with the Yearlings and special guests
Thornbury Theatre, Saturday 7th November 2015

I had seen Suzannah's album launch the previous week but I did not want to miss this gig as it was going to be the big showpiece one to launch the album with almost all the ladies who originally sang on "Sorry" and a string section.

I finally got to have dinner at Kustom Burgers although probably a bit too much as I ended up with not enough money to buy drinks. I can try something different next time.

The Yearlings were great and I had not seen them since they played at the Folk Club last.

It was great to see so many people there for the launch and some people even came from interstate just for the launch. Gleny was on strings as Georgia Fields who did the arrangements on the album could not make it unfortunately. There were quite a lot of special guests on stage, making it a very special night.

I wanted to be able to get the tram home so I didn't end up hanging around to say goodbye to everyone. Next time hopefully. I also found out the No. 11 tram is not too far away and practically empty from where I catch it compared to the 86 and not full of irritating drunk people drinking on the tram.


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