Suzannah Espie "Mother's Not Feeling Herself Today" Album Launch

with Toni Swain
Caravan Music Club, Friday 30th October 2015

I was not going to miss this especially not at the Caravan. There was going to be a bigger launch at the Thornbury Theatre, but I wanted to see this one also.

Supporting for the night was Toni Swain, who I also got to talk to after her set. She comes from Nundle where a lot of my friends have been going instead of Tamworth in recent years and hopefully her band makes it down to Melbourne in the future.

Suzannah did mix it up a bit with some older songs and did not do all the songs on the album this time. Someone in the audience asked me why she did not do "I'm Sorry" but that song does not get played with the band. I even stayed for the encore and right until the end of the gig, which is something I have not done for a while as I usually want to get home towards the end of gigs these days. It was a great gig and I hope Suzannah's tour for the album goes well.


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