A Swingin' Bella Christmas 2015

with Casey Bennetto, Geraldine Quinn, Tripod, Eddie Perfect, Paul Kelly
The Bella All-Stars are Enio Pozzebon, Vincenzo Ruberto, Nick Karasaviddis, Ross McFerran, Gideon Brazil and Mal Webb
Bella Union, Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Last year this gig was the weekend before Christmas, lucky it was not this year I could not have made it.

I did have to work but it was my last day at work the next day so I was not as concerned.

Extra special guest and not even listed on the bill was Paul Kelly. This show had already sold out and I met someone in the line who went to all three shows.

The basic show was similar to Casey's normal gigs with originals in the first set and the covers in the second set. Although these covers were a bit different than normal Christmas carols. An audience member was publicly humilated during the "Fa-na-na-na" for missing a beat, a bit unfair as you would not know to miss those beats unless you had been the year before.

Paul Kelly did get to do a reggae version of How to make gravy with the band and an acapella song with Perfect Tripod at the end out in the audience. The Tripod boys were really excited to sing with him I heard later.

I had heard from Geraldine Quinn recently and will have to remember to book her show at the comedy festival this year depending on work.

It was great to see the old band back together as I had missed the November show due to being not able to walk.

I will be back at Anna's Go Go in January and hopefully will get to Casey's regular gigs throughout the year.


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