The Twits at Lost 11/12/15

with Strawberry Fistcake
Lost for Words Cafebar, Friday 11th December 2015

I had only found out about this gig quite recently from a flip comment to Steely about doing Twits karaoke if I ever went to Melbourne, to which he replied there was going to be a Twits gig in December when he came back for a visit.

I did try and spread the word, but everyone who wanted to come was there mostly except those who had other things on being it was December and a very busy time.

It was great to see all the old crew and the Lost bar is pretty good for this sort of thing. It was a bit crowded due to the nature of the show but no one seemed to be aggro.

Steely didn't even spray the beer around like the old days as there was queue to get to the bar and he didn't want to waste it.

Steely and Lush's kids turned up as they are all over 18 now and got a photo after the show. It finished quite early compared to gigs from the old days, I thought I should leave with a good memory rather than a bad one so I left not long after. It was great to see the old band again and hopefully it is less than eight years until the Twits play another gig again.


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