All Our Exes Live in Texas at the Caravan 03/11/16

with Mojo Juju
Caravan Music Club, Thursday 3rd November 2016

I had not seen All Our Exes Live in Texas since the Queenscliff Music Festival the previous year but had still been in touch with them due to their Pledge Music campaign for their new album. I am looking forward to their new album in early 2017 and also the cover of the song they are going to perform as the band whose song it is broke up over ten years ago now.

The band's other two gigs in Melbourne sold out at Music on the Hill and the Northcote Social Club and I preferred to go to the gig at the Caravan any way.

It was great to see Mojo Juju again as I always seem to miss her shows at the venue due to having something else on even if there is someone I know supporting.

All Our Exes Live in Texas now walk on stage to the sounds of Ernie K Doe's "Here Come the Girls" which suits them obviously. It was Mick Thomas who espoused the benefits of a good walking on song to announce your arrival.

The band was great as always and did songs off their upcoming album. They also performed one of the covers that they have since done a video for of them playing it live, Tame Imapala's "Eventually"

Even though it was during the week I managed to stay to the end and just made it catch the bus without having to wait for another one. Hopefully the band plays again at the same venue in the future.


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