The Band Who Knew Too Much at the Spotted Mallard 13/11/16

Sarah Carroll and Sally Taylor
Union Hotel Brunswick, Sunday 13th November 2016

I had been at the Polish Festival for a few hours so I definitely did not need anything to eat but I did want to go off to a gig after.

Sarah had Sally Taylor playing with her for the first time and it worked out well.

Sarah also got everyone to sing me happy birthday, which was lovely. Ilana also turned up at this gig and wanted me to stay but I wanted to go up and see the Band Who Knew Too Much.


The Band Who Knew Too Much
The Spotted Mallard, Sunday 13th November 2016

The band was already playing when I arrived and it was Andy's birthday so there was a festive atmosphere on stage.

There was a good crowd for this gig and quite a few people who would have come to most of the gigs in the residency.

During the set break little Maisey even got to play on the drums and it was so cute I couldn't help taking a few photos for Rhianna and Matt.

It is always great to see the Band Who Knew Too Much and hopefully I will get to see them again soon.


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