The Big Southern Cajun Dance Party 10/09/16

with Andy Baylor & his Cajun Combo with special guests Ross Wilson, The Dusty Millers (Lisa, Tracey & Loretta Miller), The Baylor Brothers (Donal, Peter & Andy) & Sam Lemann (guitar), Andy Scott (double bass), Sharkey Ramos (drums) & Chris Pascoe (accordian)
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 10th September 2016

It had been a while since I saw Andy Baylor play anywhere or at the Caravan music club as he had been living in Sydney for a while now.

I had promised to go this gig to see the Dusty Millers as I have not been back to Oakleigh since the train station temporarily closed at Carnegie for the Skyrail works.

While not as big a production as the New Orleans party gig, there were still a few people who got up to dance early and then also many more when Ross Wilson got up towards the end to do some songs.

I only stayed for the first half but it was still a good show and I got to have dinner in the bistro and say hello to Loretta during the night. I will be back to see Liz Stringer in the next couple of weeks.


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