BOXWARS 22: The Obvious Cockroach Ultimatum

Caulfield Park, 26th December 2016

Due to the inclement weather this event was a bit smaller this year. I also heard on the grapevine that it may relocate next year as they had done it enough in the park and want to try somewhere new closer to their workshop in the Coburg/Brunswick area.

It still went alright but seemed to go a bit quicker this year. Having the costumes ready to go for participants was a good move as people can jump straight in.

Although it is sad for the little kids who love BoxWars, there is an age restriction due to health and safety reasons. They turn up in some of the cutest outfits and give no quarter on the edges of the battlefield. One of the best things about BoxWars is watching the kids run in after and grab stuff. Also one of the rules of BoxWars is that someone asks you for something you have to give it to them.

There was an upcoming (at the time) event in January 2017 for the kids that I saw was well attended. Was a workshop session for kids making cardboard creations. BoxWars now travels all over Australia to put on these events and are well liked but still not getting on the news unfortunately. If you see footage in Australia of lots of people walking around in cardboard creations they will be the ones involved or at least know who set it up.

Looking forward to their new adventure and hopefully will see them around.


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