Brian's Big Christmas BBQ

with Tracy McNeil & The Good Life, Raised by Eagles (Duo) and Wisey’s Dream Set feat an all star ensemble – Shane O’Mara, Nick Barker, Rebecca Barnard, Charles Jenkins, Cat Leahy and Rick Plant
Caravan Music Club, Sunday 11th December 2016

I had missed Tracy McNeil's album launch the previous month due to having the last Tiki Crawl at the LuWOW that I had been asked to take photos of six months before. It was great to find out about this though and I was really looking forward to it.

There were so many people involved it was hard to just pick one act that stood out.

The BBQ was very popular, more than they thought it would be. I did not end up eating there and just went down to the bakery.

Was a great day and I was glad to have made it. See you next year.


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