Broads "Nod off, Dream" Single Launch 12/11/16

with Matt Wicking, Baby Blue
The Toff in Town, Saturday 12th November 2016

Was never a doubt that I was going to make it to this show. Thanks to Sarah and Tim who sat on my table so I didn't have to sit there by myself. Sarah was also chatty with Broads which Jane said later she liked.

Some good supports even though not many people where there for Matt Wicking. He did sing a song with Broads later in the show. Broads had played with Baby Blue at another showcase gig The Night Sky Is A Jewellery Store Window which I could not make unfortunately but I saw them here.

For this gig Broads had a whole band playing with them while on tour it is just the two of them. Also on backing vocals where Emily South, Clare Hendry and Ladie Dee.

Broads glittery onesies where spectacular and they wore the same turbans they had in the "Nod off, dream" video and described making it in a warehouse late at night with just the lead singer of Baby Blue "that'd be lovely!" was the response from someone in the audience. Xani Kolac even said "they win!" in response to a photo of their outfits in the onesie game.

Before the gig I had shown the video of the single to Kelly Hogan who is in Neko Case's band and she really loved it. It also cheered her up a lot after Trump got in.

I did get to talk to Clare after the show which is always nice and something I do not get to do that often as in the Nymphs she was the main contact person so I talked to her much more then.

I am going to Broads Christmas show and already booked a ticket as I knew there would at least six other things on that night and people who would ask me to come to their shows so I wanted to get in early.


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