Casey Bennetto Project at Bella Union 10/11/16

with Suzannah Espie
Bella Union, Thursday 10th November 2016

This gig was eventually meant to have Tim Rogers but I was happy Suzannah was playing any way.

It was the first gig for my birthday weekend of gigs as I could not afford to have a party this time and everyone would be busy. This way I had a whole weekend of events people could join me for whatever they wanted no pressure. Thanks to Tim and Claudine who shared a table with me up the front. I had forgotten it was so close to the speaker, whoops!

I had seen Suzannah supporting Leah Flanagan at the same venue the week before but I am always happy to see her again. For this performance as customary they did the first set with original songs and the second with covers. Some of the audience has been coming for so long they know the songs on each page of the infamous book as well as the band and can yell out their own numbers.

Due to it being a Thursday it finished quite early but I did not head straight off this time and ended up finishing my conversation on the street. Hopefully next year I will be working so I can come more often.


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