Carcane Album Launch 06/11/16

Dan Warner & Marcel Borrack
Sunday 6th November, Union Hotel Brunswick

I already had the launch to go to but I had promised Dan to try and make this show first.

There wasn't too many people but it was great to see Dan and Marcel play again.

Much amusement was had from Dan getting the audience to heckle his brother when he came back from the dunny.

Thanks to Marcel for giving me a lift to the Lomond afterwards also.


James Stewart's Carcane Album Launch
with the Gusset Rustlers
The Lomond Hotel, Sunday 6th November 2016

This had a lot of promotion for it and James Stewart had been on JVG's show the week before but I also wanted to see the Gusset Rustlers as they had done gigs but they always clashed.

It is always great to see the Gusset Rustlers and hopefully I get to see them again in less than six years next time.

The launch turned out to be alright and I ended up staying until the end. There is a reason I don't like staying late on Sundays for Lomond gigs as I did not get home until after 10pm.


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