Chris Wilson at the Caravan Music Club 03/06/16

with the Mojo Corner
Caravan Music Club, Friday 3rd June 2016

I had not been to see Chris play for some time and seeing that Fenn was performing on drums I decided to go see how the show was even if I was not going to stay long due to also going to see Don Walker the next night.

The first band up Mojo Corner were from Geelong and the crowd seemed to enjoy them, I had not seen them before though.

I have seen George and Fenn playing the drums a few times but this was the first time I had seen Fenn play with just Chris and the band. He did say he wanted to get as much experience as possible playing in bands and playing at the Caravan is a gig not to pass up.

As much as I do enjoy seeing Chris Wilson play I ended up leaving early as I have seen him a lot and wanted to stay fresh for the next night. Everyone seemed to be having a good time when I left and I was going to see the Junes on the Sunday also.


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