Reclink Community Cup 2016

with MCs Ms Emma Peel and Johnny Von Goes, Rhys Muldoon kid's group with KRAM, Ash Naylor, Tim Rogers, The Sugarcanes, Loose Tooth, Ross Wilson, Total Giovani, Regurigtator
Elsternwick Park, Sunday 26th June 2015

Final Score:
Rockdogs 10 3 (63)
Megahertz 4 6 (30)

I had been looking forward to the day but expected it to be similar to the last few years when I did not have media access. Due to providing some photos to be used in the Guardian and a new PR person (thanks Koral), I got handed a media pass on the day even though I was not expecting it (I had not applied since I did not think I would get it.)

This cheered me up muchly even though I did not end up going in the rooms or backstage that much. I still bought down some twiggy sticks for the dogs but ended up with some of them left at the end of the day.

As with last year I got there early and saw the kids band, they looked pretty seedy for a kid's show but the families there seemed to enjoy them. Also I took the opportunity to do full lap of the ground and went to see Guy and Dominika at Perogi Perogi and took some photos of the volunteers on some of the food stores.

I had not heard of the Sugarcanes until recently but I thought they played well on the day.

Loose Tooth used to play as a band called the Gingers and they still remembered me from nine years ago so I wanted to see them. I thought they played well and look forward to seeing them in the future.

As usual I ended up next to the Rockdogs bench as it gets too hard to get through the crowd and I get better shots there. I get shooed away if I try to go to the Megahertz bench or rooms so I don't (yes, I know I should take my Rockdogs scarf and beanie off.) There were a few people who found me during the day including Johnny down the Pint who had not been to the Community Cup for several years. Rowdy Negro even turned up to surprise everyone only to find Fred was off practicing with I Spit on Your Gravy and people scattered hither and yon.

There was a football match on but if you have enough people near you often everyone ends up facing away from the ground and talking. The game was filmed and will go up online if you really want to see it.

Total Giovani played at half time but I ended up wandering off as I thought I had seen all they had to offer after a couple of songs. People still enjoyed them though.

Due to it being freezing during the day and it getting even colder towards the end of the match the Megahertz ended up getting ground down and the Rockdogs came up ahead on the day. I can't really get that many photos of the on-ground action so I only get one or two snaps when players are close by.

As usual I end up stuffed by the end of the day so only stayed for a few songs by Regurigtator after the game. I missed Waleed Aly or getting a selfie with him but more than enough people did that. The match has expanded to several other cities this year but I am not sure if I will make any of them this time around. As long as the Melbourne one is still going and makes a lot of money for Reclink I am happy.


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