Dan & Al at the Corner Hotel 18/12/16

Corner Hotel, Sunday 18th December 2016

This is now a traditional gig and Dan said he wanted me there so I came along.

Got to have a look at the renovations at the Corner Hotel and some new shops in Richmond, which is changing rapidly.

I liked that they played "The Fang" first on the big screen as they said it kept them from having to play it.

Don't really agree with people who think they don't need to go every year as it is the same, they play different songs every time. People even stand in the same spot in the room.

Was much amusement from Ian Bland complaining about Dan Warner comparing to Dick Smith. I hadn't listened to JVG's show that day so I did not know what it was about.

I did try to stay until near the end but ended up leaving before the encore so I could catch the train due to it being a Sunday night. As Dan said it is one of the furthest from Christmas gigs they had done in quite a few years due to Christmas being a whole week away and some people still had to work.


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