Dolly! ASRC Benefit 03/04/16

with MC Tina del Twist, Andy Saunders, Anne Edmonds, Dolly Diamond, Geraldine Quinn, Gillian Cosgriff, Nath Valvo, Otto Rot, Randy, Scott Brennan, Selina Jenkins, Shirley Gnome, Tessa Waters, Thomas Jaspers, Trevor Ashley, Bob
Band - Biddy Connor, Dave Williams, Enio Pozzebon, Kate Connor, Matt Bird, Ross McFerran, Steph O'Hara, Tully Sumner, Vicenzo Roberto, Zoe Barry
Toff in Town, Sunday 3rd April 2016

Running order:
Randy, Tina Del Twist and Tully Sumner - Everything's beautiful in it's own way
Tina Del Twist and Scott Brennan - Potential New Boyfriend
Nath Valvo and Gillian Cosgriff - I Will Always Love You
Scott Brennan - Why'd you come in here looking like that?
Otto Rott and Shirley Gnome - Islands in the stream
Thomas Jaspers - Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Tina Del Twist - It's all wrong but it's so right
Anne Edmonds - The Bargain Store
Trevor Ashley - Here You Come Again
Selina Jenkins - Jolene
Dolly Diamond - Baby I'm Burnin'
Geraldine Quinn - Touch Your Woman

BAND Instrumental - Jolene reprise
Tina Del Twist - Love is like a butterfly
Tina and audience member 'Bob' - Tennessee Mountain Home
Selina Jenkins - Yellow Roses
Andy Saunders and daughter Luka Saunders - Coat of Many Colors
Tess Waters - 9 to 5
Tina Del Twist - I hope you're never happy

I had not been working for a while so I was not sure if I was going to make anything at the comedy festival except for this and Anthony Morgan's show. Luckily I picked up a few weeks work so I could manage a couple of extra shows.

I have been going to the ASRC benefit to take photos since 2007 and was surprised to be acknowledged the program this year as part of the event for taking photos and even more surprised to get a shout out during the show. Given how many comedians and big names there are usually in the show I do not know why it is not more popular with photographers, quite apart from the whole starting at midnight on Sunday it used to do for quite a few years.

I knew this year's theme would be popular as lots of people are fans of Dolly Parton's music and I invited a lot of people I knew also.

The line-up is kept under wraps until close to the night but there are always people who take part and the band is always great.

It turned out to be a great show as there were lots of songs people could sing along with this year and even a drag performance by one of the cast.

Hopefully next year I will have been working and get to see some more of the shows of people who took part. Tess Waters in particular as she was great.


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