Dr Sketchys - The Rebirth 12/06/16

Featuring designs by Sex Cake Monster, modelled by Gem and Fox
BeinArt Gallery, Sunday 12th June 2016

Dr Sketchys had been on hiatus for almost a year as Mel had not decided to end it for good, but was waiting for the right opportunity to bring it back and make it special and different from the monthly events before.

It had been the longest running Dr Sketchys outside of New York up until that point and even Molly Crabapple does not run the New York one these days due to her many other artistic projects. Mel had some life stuff to do and also had other projects she wanted to work on.

It was good to have the event moved to a new venue and also changed so it went back to being a more grass roots style event. Even though it was good having the Toff in Town provide all that it did it was time to move on.

Another bonus of having the event in an art space is that you get to look at the works on display for whatever exhibition is running at the time. The fox heads were pretty cool to look at as where the other art pieces.

The models were great for this session and had excellent costumes. There was more encouragement to talk to the other people attending the session also as everyone seemed closer together and there were lots of new people who had not made it into a session before as they prefer to stay around Brunswick.

It did take me a while to get home but luckily it was a long weekend so it didn't matter as much. Next time I will get a lift home hopefully as public transport across town is not so good on Sunday evenings.


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