Dusk til Dawn 20th Anniversary

with the Tarantinos
The LuWOW, Friday 28th October 2016

Anthony asked me to come to this a few days before and I didn't have anything else on so I agreed to it,

I haven't seen the movie for quite a while but still remember bits and pieces of it. They did have quotes from the movie played in between songs and people dressed up for the night.

The Tarantinos are always reliable and have a good range of songs they can play due to so much music being in Tarantino's movies. They have been getting a lot of gigs recently I have seen especially at big events.

Special guest for the night was Ferri Maya as Santanico Pandemonium with a live python, something that some of the band members did not appreciate as they flinched when she went near them.

I ended up leaving after the first set as I had a gig on the next night, but it was a good night and I will try to see the band again in the future and the ZZ Top cover band Anthony is in hopefully.


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