Eilen Jewell at the Caravan Music Club 26/03/16

with the Dusty Millers
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 26th March 2016

It had been quite a while since Eileen Jewell had been to Australia so I was really looking forward to this gig. She was doing some other gigs around town including supporting another act but I was only able to make this show.

The Dusty Millers got to do support, which was great as they were able to play for more people.

Eilen Jewell has a new album out with a lot of great new songs. They were also selling her very first album but I could not afford it at the time. It was a really great show and hopefully Eileen does not wait another four years to come out next time.

I even stayed to meet Eilen after the show and get her to sign my CD, which I almost never do these days as I like to be able to get home early from gigs even if I do not go to bed early too often.


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