Gallie at the Caravan Music Club 18/12/16

with the Dusty Millers
Caravan Music Club, Sunday 18th December 2016

Even though I had Dan and Al at the Corner that night I wanted to try and make it to this.

I do not mean to keep bringing the Dusty Millers presents, I just keep fining things they might like. This time it was "You're never weird on the internet (almost)" by Felicia Day I had read recently and thought they might get something out of it. It is always great to see them and I hope to they do well at Golden Plains.

I had not seen Gallie since he did the "in the round" show with Aine Tyrell and Rosey a while back. It is always great to see him and the other Irish musicians who have made Melbourne their home.

I did try to stay a bit later this time as I was going straight to the Corner Hotel afterwards for Dan and Al.


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