Geist 2016

with Maxine J Palmerson and Mia Anne, Ben Sparks, Hollow December, Bill Burns Band, Franco Cozzo, Honey Bucket (unseen)
Kindred Studios, Saturday 17th December 2016

I had been asked to come to this and wanted to come as I had known Maxine since I met her at GIT's gig in 2003.

It was extra special since I just thought she was organising it, I didn't know she was going to sing also.

I do still want to see Felix in one of her dance productions but was glad to have made it to this.

Was some fun bands and kids who look like they will do well in the Melbourne music scene. Teens sure do like jazz fusion funk but they did get up and dance to it and enjoyed themselves.

I did want to stay later but I was getting a bit tired and thanks to Michael for driving me to Footscray station as there are long waits on the line at night if you miss the train.

I will definitely try to make the next one of these as long as I know about it in plenty of time.


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