Grand Final Eve Pie Night 2016

with JVG, Ian Bland, Billy Miller, Fiona Lee Maynard, Simon Madden, Dave Evans, Andre Warhurst, Jack Howard, Dale Lindrea, Cal McApline
Caravan Music Club, Friday 30th September 2016

I had missed the last three Grand Final Eve pie night shows due to it being cancelled one year and also having something on the other two times. I got a bit jack of taking photos at Melbourne Fringe after last year so I thought I should go back to what I knew best.

As I expected it turned out to be the same as I remember it but that is exactly why people like the Grand Final Eve show as they always know what they are going to get including the parts where they get to have a dance and everyone does for Holy Grail at the end.

Special guests this year included Fiona Lee Maynard and Andre Warhurst who went quite well considering it was their first pie night.

Due the set break there was even an opportunity to buy a pie and hot dog from the window to the kitchen as Michael Gudinski said "if you could buy a pie at a Weddoes gig it would be better than the footy."

Simon Madden made a welcome return and he is a regular to these nights by now. He made some excellent jokes about Essendon and saying "hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train."

I did end up leaving just before the end but it was a great night and even all the blokes from the members bar came in which is always a sign of a good gig.


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