Greasy Down Under Ballarat Mystery Bus Tour

with Sky Elobar and Elizabeth De Razzo
Regent Cinemas Ballarat, Wednesday 30th November 2016

I had just had the Queenscliff Music Festival the previous week and thought I had missed everything from Monsterfest as it was on the same weekend.

When this came up I jumped at the opportunity as it was going to happen once and not again. Also it was being filmed for the DVD special features for the deluxe edition of the Greasy Strangler.

Originally it was meant to be a big bus going up, but due to it being the middle of the week and busy time of the year it was much smaller. They got a mini bus instead and still went up.

I did not even think it was going ahead until late in the day. I was in transit when they confirmed.

We did get to say hello to Sky and Elizabeth before the bus left. FREE DRINKS! on the bus. Simondo drank most of them.

Piss stop and smoke break half way up.

I did try and talk to Sky as I was a back seat toughie and he thought I had a weird accent. Also the entire bus laughed at the Facebook group Cult of Muscle when I described what the majority of my posts there entailed.

I had not been to Ballarat since we transited through it on the freeway in the middle of the night in 2006 on a road trip with the Twits. Someone's cock got spray-painted when we stopped near there.

The Regent Cinemas were quite nice. Completely forgot about seeing a bunch of kids at the carwash about to have a brawl I saw on the way there.

As I do not have any critical distance I cannot really review the movie. I thought it was funny and sweet. Not really that weird although I have a pretty high bar of what I would classify as weird.

Also found out that Ben Wheatley (High Rise) was the executive producer of the movie.

On the way back I switched seats from the back to the front and got to chat to Elizabeth. She said that she came up with the dance moves in the movie herself as it is how she dances herself when she is drunk.

Got some photos at Monster when we got back. As they had to drop the guests off at their hotel we got a lift. I got out at Balaclava and still managed to get a tram at 2am in the morning on a weeknight (I have 16 years' experience getting Melbourne trams). Was only about half an hour walk to get home. Meh. Did make me really tired for the rest of the weekend but was worth it.


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