Henry Wagons at Caravan Music Club 11/11/16

with Lachlan Bryan
Caravan Music Club, Friday 11th November 2016

I had not seen Henry Wagons for quite a while so I was looking forward to this gig. Was some confusion as to whether it would be a full band show or just Henry.

Worked out well that it was just him joined with Lachlan on some songs, he got to do his stories and make a lot more jokes. At one point he asked for the house lights to come on and immediately regretted it as he got so intimidated by all the people.

"Yeah he has always been like that" I would say to people who ask me about Henry's style even playing at the Marquis of Lorne or an afternoon gig at the Royal Melbourne Show with surly teenagers as the audience. Wagons even had the DC3 play their Henry Fucking Wagons song just before they came on one time. Would be like Willie Nelson coming on stage saying "Yeah, I heard you the first time!" after Wagons did the Willie Nelson song.

Lachlan Bryan was an interesting choice as support and they have been touring together. He did tell a rather long anecdote about meeting a fan and a trip to New Orleans it did have a point but that is a big risk when you only have a limited time as a support.

They did do some songs together to close the show also, I ended up leaving a bit early as I was busy the next day and had to get up early. Was a good show though.


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