Ian Bland "Everything and Nothing" Album and Book Launch 20/11/16

with special guests
The Lomond Hotel, Sunday 20th November 2016

"He's not Paul Kelly!" Well I should hope not!

I have been meaning to see one of Ian Bland's gigs for a while but they always seem to clash with a major event or something else that I have planned and it is rude to drop one thing for another if you have already confirmed something. Ian is also over in the UK for half the year these days playing the folk circuit so I do not often get to see him play live these days.

While slightly less people than James Stewart's gig a few weeks back there were people who really wanted to see Ian and also his musician friends so it was quality over quantity.

It was great band and some of the people at the gig even remembered me from Ian's last big album launch at the Clifton Hill hotel back in 2008.

There were some book readings in the set break and mid-way through the second set with the ever popular football story getting a run.

It was a good gig and I was glad to have gone as I am sure Ian will do well with the new album and his book will be snapped up.


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