"Mum's the Word" Mother's Day Show

with Suzannah Espie, Julie O'hara, Peter Baylor, Tracey & Loretta Miller, Sam Lemann
Caravan Music Club, Sunday 8th May 2016

There were quite a few gigs I could have gone to for Mother's Day but I was happy to go to this one as Loretta and Tracey were playing.

As an added bonus Suzannah Espie got to play some songs at the start of the day before going off to do her own gig at the Grandview Hotel in Fairfield.

Julie O'hara and Peter Baylor played first with some jazz style numbers and then played alternating sets with Tracey, Loretta and Sam until the end where they played some songs together.

It was great day and good to see the band playing on a lower stage as it was closer to the audience.


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