Queensclif Music Festival 2016

25th - 27th November 2016
with The Mojo Corner, Jordie Lane and the Sleepers, Liz Stringer, Chitra, Kylie Auldist, Bobby Alu and the Palms, Quarter Street, Alice Ivy, Bellarine VET Music (Hey Mammoth, Gypsy May (Liz Powell), Madeliene Cope & Zack Darkes, Erica Bjornenak, Jess Viola, Nina Denham), Sweethearts, Sarah Carroll and the Left Wing, JAWN, Leah Senior, Sweet Jean, Eilen Jewell, The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, Peter Garrett and the Alter Egos, Kira Puru, The Run, Geoff Achison & the Souldiggers with Chris Wilson, The Tiny Giants, Hollie Joyce, Tides of Welcome, Reuben Stone, Matt Anderson, Charm of Finches, Snuff Puppets, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

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