Queensclif Music Festival 2016 - Friday

Friday 25th November 2016
with The Mojo Corner, Jordie Lane and the Sleepers, Liz Stringer, Chitra, Kylie Auldist, Bobby Alu and the Palms, Quarter Street, Alice Ivy

Even though I had not worked since September I still wanted to make it down the festival. Not really much different from a lot of years I go down any way. Thanks to Sarah for letting me stay at her place even though they had three members of her family playing at the festival on the weekend. It worked out pretty good to get the bus back to Drysdale and I would consider doing it again next year.

I actually had to make sure I did not leave Melbourne to go to Geelong too early this year as I was carrying my CPAP also and it is extra baggage. I did not go too far from the station but I could have just caught the same bus down the street any way I found out.

I was trying to be smart and get off closer to Sarah's place on the bus but I ended up missing where to walk through the pedestrian part and had to walk around the long way.

For Friday I went down and came back on the bus and I always like to see the Friday line up.

Even though I end up seeing a lot of the bands more than once during the festival, seeing them first thing on Friday is great.

Was great to see Chitra again in the Pavilion after seeing her play in the Bellarine VET Music showcase the previous year.

I had missed Kylie Auldist so it was great to be able to see her during the festival.

Finishing off the night was Alice Ivy who has a great high energy show. She played another festival on the same weekend and broke her leg at it so she does really get into it.

I did not end up going to bed until about 1am but didn't mind since I got to stay up talking to Sarah and Chris and everyone else who was staying for the weekend. I don't usually get to do that at home.


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