Queensclif Music Festival 2016 - Saturday

Saturday 26th November 2016
with Bellarine VET Music (Hey Mammoth, Gypsy May (Liz Powell), Madeliene Cope & Zack Darkes, Erica Bjornenak, Jess Viola, Nina Denham), Sweethearts, Sarah Carroll and the Left Wing, Jordie Lane and the Sleepers, JAWN, Leah Senior, Sweet Jean, Eilen Jewell, The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer, Peter Garrett and the Alter Egos, Kira Puru, The Run, Geoff Achison & the Souldiggers with Chris Wilson, The Tiny Giants

Boogie woogie!

Bus down in the morning and I just missed the start of the Bellarine VET music showcase. Going to see it meant I missed going on the train but I don't need to go on that every year. I look forward to seeing some of the performers in the future.

The festival is the only time each year I get to see the Sweethearts and I enjoy seeing the new people coming through the band each year. I did not end up staying for the award ceremony as I wanted to go see Sarah.

Sarah always has a lot of fun with her shows and you can see exactly that in the photos. Lots of her friends turned up for the show and also at the Bowling Club gig later in the day.

There was a lot of stuff on that day but I was glad to be able to get to see Leah Senior in Vue Grand and Sweet Jean in the church. I was not really hanging around the main stage but did do the three songs thing in the pit at Peter Garrett.

George and Chris Wilson were playing at the same time but Geoff Achison started a bit earlier so I was able to go to it first.

After the Tiny Giants show Narelle offered to drive me home so I accepted the offer. Everyone else got home only a couple of minutes after I did though, strange.


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