Queen Vic Night Market Christmas Edition

with Footscray Gypsies, All Day Fritz, Open Door Singers, Spectres of Love
Queen Victoria Market, Wednesday 21st December 2016

Not sure if I was going to go to this but Mikelangelo had asked me to come to his Christmas show on the Friday and I already booked Broads so I could not make it. Also this event was the band's very first show in Victoria as they had played only a handful of gigs at that point.

Due to it being so busy I mainly wandered around and saw bits and pieces. I did see a full set of All Day Fritz and got to talk to them after.

As I have been to this event a few times I know where everything is (the stalls stay in the same spot) and could direct people to some good places.

Due to my leg still playing up I had to get a chair to sit down during the Spectres of Love gig. I only stayed for the first set but I am still glad that I went. Hope to see them more in the future when they are down.


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