RRR BBQ Day 2016

with JVG, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra (Dan Warner, Matt Earl, Nathan Farrelly, Marcel Borrack, Dan Hall, Ed Bates), Pete Ewing, Laura Imbruglia, Tim Rogers, Delsinki Records & Brooke, Kerri Simpson, Lucy Dwyer, Jemma Rowlands, Dr Pump, Fiona Lee Maynard, Angie Hart, Simon Edwards, Slatts, Casey Bennetto, Scott Edgar
Ceres Environment Park, Sunday 4th December 2015

Song list:
Bunderberg Rum - Dan Warner
Poem - Ian Bland
Bird on the Fire - Pete Ewing
It ain't meat babe - Laura Imbruglia
I'm gonna keep the BBQ - Sarah Carroll
Flame - Tim Rogers
Is this spud that I'm peeling - Delsinki Records & Brooke
Meatball Wizard - Kerri Simpson
Union BBQ - Lucy Dwyer
Funky Sausage - JVG
Sunday Morning - Jemma Rowlands
Greasy - Dr Pump
Thrift Shop - Dr Pump
My Pal - Dr Pump
It's all over now BBQ - Fiona Lee Maynard
Poem - Angie Hart
Some Barbie that I used to Know - Simon Edwards & Angie Hart
We are the champignons - Slatts
Bonus BBQ themed song without notice - Casey Bennetto & Scott Edgar
Marble Vein - Casey Bennetto & Scott Edgar
Wish you were beer - Dan Warner

Overheard at BBQ Day:
"Literally I strum it all the time and every time I strum it I write a new song."
"All trees should be heritage listed"
"Vocal exercises? That won't help him very much" (band laughs)

Last year I did not get to do the photos until after Christmas but it gets hard to keep the RRR BBQ Day photos off Facebook as I want to have one thing per year at least that stays on my website and not on there.

As I had trouble with my leg the previous week at the Queenscliff Music Festival I was glad to have somewhere to sit down and asked the sound engineer if it was OK to sit on the subwoofer on the speaker stack. It worked out alright and I wasn't in the way as much this year although most of my photos are from a fixed viewpoint this time.

There are some things you probably won't get unless you are there but if you follow the photos you will see how the day unfolded. I did not get that many photos during Eat It or Greening the Apocalypse as it is mainly people sitting on a panel.

Due to noise restrictions this year the band could not rehearse before 12pm so they had to do short warm ups in the songs during the previous two songs. As Tim the sound engineer said "It's like a horse race when it starts but eventually it all comes together."

The guests were mainly people who have been regulars on JVG's show during the year and people from previous RRR BBQ days.

Hard to pick out a highlight, but King of BBQ day Dr Pump always delivers and had the "damn that's a cold arse stubby!" courtesy of his iPad orchestra. Tim Rogers and Casey Bennetto and Scott Edgar also put in a ripper.

Thinking ahead this year I bought a chicken sandwich for lunch so I wouldn't have to line up for sausages.

The Melbourne BBQ Orchestra were great as always and top effort to Sarah Carroll, Kerri Simpson and Fiona Lee Maynard for doing backing vocals on most songs and doing lead vocals on some of the tracks.

Ian Bland rewrote all the lyrics and did his poem as usual and Angie Hart also did a poem.

There are a lot of people involved in the day and a lot of organisation but it always seems to work out great. Looking forward to next year already.

When I was leaving CERES some dude came walking slowly up "Wait!.....Wait!" and proceeded to thank me for being at the last 15 RRR BBQ days and taking photos since 2004. I didn't think of it as that many as it just something that I do every year like the Community Cup, Queenscliff Music Festival or BoxWars.

I was planning on staying at the Lomond to see Dan's band for the after party but he told me to go home as I was falling asleep. Next year then.


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