Singalong with Rebecca Barnard and Billy Miller 02/11/16

with special guest Casey Bennetto
Caravan Music Club, Wednesday 2nd November 2016

As I had a big weekend coming up I wasn't going to go to this but I heard that Casey was going to be singing and I always wanted to see what he would be like playing at the Caravan. Rebecca said "aren't I your friend too?" and did a fake hangdog look when I said why I came. In general I do not like to go out mid-week as I am busy enough already.

I had heard a lot about these gigs and they are always sold out so it was good to finally get to one.

There are a lot of people who go to these gigs regularly and there are things you can only see there like Harry on the AV and getting to request songs.

Casey seemed to have a great time and even made up a song on the spot.

If I lived in Oakleigh I would consider coming more often, but am happy I went to this one at least.


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