Suzannah Espie & Liz Stringer at the Caravan 15/04/16

Caravan Music Club, Friday 15th April 2016

I had already planned to go to this gig before I found out the Spencer P Jones benefit gig was on. Due to not working I could not make it to that gig any way. Was plenty of people going to it any way since it sold out.

This gig was more of a double headliner since they could pretty much flip a coin to see who would go first. It was also the second time in two months I have seen Liz play at the venue.

Liz did play a few more songs than when she supported Frazey Ford and is looking forward to touring her new album.

For Suzannah's set she had Liz singing backup vocals for a few of the songs. It was a great gig and I was glad to make the effort to go even though I had Record Store Day the next day.


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