Tripod Christmas Turkeys 2016

with Ladychoir, Angie Hart, Xani Kolac, Andrew Pogson
Memo Music Hall, Friday 9th December 2016

Due to not working I had to miss a Very Bella Christmas and I wanted to have a bit of a quieter run up to Christmas this year any way as it is usually a bit too busy even for me.

I was happy to see Casey there as he had wanted to come look at the show. Due to his back problems he couldn't sit down. Due to mine I couldn't stand up. A fine pair!

The main times I have seen Tripod in the past have been at the ASRC benefits or at special events and this one was pretty special also.

In the set break I went up to Dogs Bar to see the Large Number 12s and also after the show.

It was great to see Ladychoir again as I have not seen them in a while. Also Xani who is always great.

It turned out to be an excellent show and I was glad that I went. I will try to come down more often when there is something I like on.


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