The Very Round Robin at the Caravan Music Club 18/06/16

with Áine Tyrrell, Gallie, Rosie
and special guest Nick Martin
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 18th June 2016

This was another gig I had known about for quite a while but I wasn't sure what I would be doing at the time.

There had already been a few shows in this tour with many funny stories from touring already.

The Caravan even set up the setting "in the round" with the performers playing in the middle.

Nick Martin talked about his traditional Irish pipes and played some instrumental songs on them including one about a hunt with the dog sounds and a dying fox.

I did enjoy the songs from each of the performers I heard while I was there and I will try to get to see them again when they play down at the Flying Saucer Club later in the year.


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