Weeping Willows and Bill Chambers Album Launch at the Caravan 17/04/16

with special guests
Caravan Music Club, Sunday 17th April 2016

It had already been a busy weekend and I had stayed up a bit too late even though I did not go out anywhere but I wanted to go to this gig since I had backed it in Pozible and the band was always appreciative of my photos.

The Weeping Willows had several special guests including a band and Lachlan Wilde and Gretta Ziller doing their own songs.

I left not long into Bill Chambers' set but I did get to see the support songs from James Van Cooper who went well despite being only very young. Bill enjoys playing at the venue so hopefully he will be back soon.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time and hopefully the rest of Weeping Willows shows go well.


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