The Wilson Pickers "You Can't Catch a Fish From a Train" Album Launch

with Miss Eileen & King Lear
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 3rd December 2016

I had not seen the Wilson Pickers for ages and still wanted to go see the launch even though I was still a bit tired after having to get up earlier than I usually would for a Saturday to go sell some goods at the final Fitzroy Film Fair at the LuWOW.

Miss Eileen & King Lear were on first and were great. Perch Creek Family Jug Band may not be playing much at the moment but I am happy to have seen this duo as they were really sweet.

The Wilson Pickers did not disappoint. They have songs you want to sing along with while they are singing them even if you have never heard them before. The Large Number 12s have that vibe also but the people who see them have seen them hundreds of times. As it is a supergroup they don't really get to play that often but it is always worth seeing them play when they do.

I stayed for as long as possible as I had RRR BBQ Day on the next day which was an all-day event also. As it turned out I was tired for that also but it was worth it.


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