Bold as Brass ASRC Benefit

A benefit for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre
with MC Geraldine Quinn, Adam Richards, Andy & Luca Saunders, Casey Bennetto, Gillian Cosgriff, Kai Smythe, Kai Smythe (Hairy Soul Man), Michelle Brasier, Otto Rot, Sammy J, Scott Brennan, Scott Edgar, Tom Ballard, Wes Snelling
Band Biddy Connor, David Barclay, Geraldine Quinn, Lizzy Welsh, Matt Bird, Sonia Horbelt, Steph O'Hara, Tully Sumner, Vincenzo Roberto, Zoe Barry
The Toff in Town, Sunday 9th April 2017

Running order:
Geraldine Quinn - Bold as Brass
Otto Rot - One Step Ahead
Geraldine Quinn & David Barclay - I walk away
Wes Snelling - Stait Old Line
Tom Ballard & Gillian Cosgriff - Stuff and Nonsense
Andy & Luca Saunders - I got you
Geraldine Quinn - Late Last Night


Gabriella - ASRC speech
Geraldine Quinn - Charlie
Kai Smythe - I See Red
Michelle Brasier - I hope I never
Adam Richard - She Got Body
Geraldine Quinn - Poor Boy
Casey Bennetto - Shark Attack


Wes Snelling - Dirty Creature
Geraldine Quinn & Michelle Brasier - Betty J
Sammy J - My Mistake
Scott Brennan - Message to My Girl
Scott Edgar - History Never Repeats
Geraldine Quinn, Scott Edgar and Casey Bennetto - Pioneer/6 Months on a Leaky Boat

Braving end of the world style weather myself and my assistant Mark arrived at the venue early to secure a spot for the show. As I said before to the organisers the only reason I would miss one of these was if I was in hospital or overseas. Much amusement was provided by me having to actually go to hospital the month before after I had said that.

New MC this year as Wes Snelling passed the baton to the very capable Geraldine Quinn. She was so capable the show ended up running early as she was very sharp on stage and acts had to swap around due to everything being gone through so quickly. Better to have a fast show than a long, delayed show any way. An added bonus was looking at Geraldine's reactions to the various acts as you can see in the photos. She is a great performer and hopefully her show went well at the festival.

Some old faces returned and some new. Too many highlights to list but high points were Kai Smythe (Hairy Soul Man), Sammy J and of course Six Months in Leaky Boat with Scott and Casey.

The band was excellent with really big fans of the original group seeming to be into the versions being performed. There was a back of the room dance party even.

Always the highlight of the comedy festival for me and this year more than likely the only show I will be able to attend. It is not that well known but it should be. The venue suits it fine and this year it raised $2000 for the Asylum Seeker's Resource Centre which was great given the weather and people not wanting to go out.


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