Broads 'Vacancy' Album Launch 1/04/17

with Angie McMahon, Jim Lawrie
The Toff in Town, Saturday 1st April 2017

While originally I was going to see Jazz Party the night before due to not being organised I missed it.

Not to worry I still had this gig to attend and it worked out great in the end as I got a table up the front and had a great time.

Due to a mix up with times I thought the doors were opening at 8pm only to arrive to be told the first act had already started. No matter I still got a table.

Jim Lawrie seems to have dropped the "Grizzly" from his name but does seem to have progressed from when I saw him last. I thought it was sounding a bit Dirty Three like at times.

Broads were great as always and even had a lovely hug during the show that almost made everyone in the room cry due to Kelly saying how much she loved playing with Jane.

It was a great show and I will have to buy the album soon. Afterwards I got to talk to Clare and even Kate, hopefully I will see everyone again soon.


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