Damian Cowell's Disco Machine Album Launch 04/03/17

with the Thin White Ukes, Pinky Beecroft and friends
The Corner Hotel, Saturday 4th March 2017

I had been looking forward to this gig for ages as although I did not have the money to get the ticket as part of the Pozible I did get the DVD package and made sure I was able to take photos of the launch.

Since then I had found out Square Sounds Melbourne clashed but I had enough fun at that on the Friday and still went to the after party on the Sunday.

I did end up having to get a seat to sit down as my leg was hurting and it was useful as it was a bit of stress to be up the front but worth it for the shots.

Turned out to be a great gig but I was very tired afterwards and had to go straight home. Did not even look at any of the photos for ages.

Some excellent photos in this lot and also what appears to be Damian attempting to crowd surfing thinking he was in TISM. Everyone looked to be having a great time and I have tried to capture that in the photos.

Hopefully the rest of the tour went just as well and I look forward to seeing what the band does in the future.


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