Live at Warrawee - Soul Explosion

with Vika and Linda Bull, The Bamboos, The Meltdown, Hyjinx, Cook Island Dance Group, Warrawee Soul Choir led by Tracey Miller and featuring Loretta Miller, Oakleigh Brass, Peter Vadieveloo drummers, MC Brian Nankervis
Warrawee Park, Saturday 18th March 2017

I had been looking forward to this event for ages as after last year I did not think there was even going to be a festival in the park ever again.

Due to a fall at home the previous week I did not think I was going to make it either but I managed it luckily.

Probably should have waited a bit for the sting to go out of the sun but I was too excited to be a part of the day from the start and even wore one of my Hawaiian shirts so I blended in.

It was also an opportunity to test out the lens I had borrowed off a friend in a festival environment and it was a public event so I thought it would be cool to do so also.

Another thing I went and got that morning was a Polaroid camera with the credit from a lens I took back to see if I could ask people if they wanted a take home photo. It did work and I ended up buying my dinner with it.

There was a lot on that day and it was a very long and hot day so I will just mention some of the highlights.

Brian as always did a great job and even threw a Frisbee out into the crowd for something fun to do.

The Cook Island Dance Group was excellent and well suited to the theme of the day. I got to say hello to some of the people doing the percussion and singing back stage and they seemed like great people.

It was very hot for them, but the Oakleigh Brass did a sterling job under the conditions. The Peter Vadieveloo drummers were also great.

Of course I was going to be there for the Warrawee Soul Choir led by Tracey Miller and featuring Loretta Miller as I am good friends with them.

Hyjinx are a new band but sounded great and should do well in the future.

The Meltdown were cool and I hope to see them again in the future playing with the Teskey Brothers I have been told.

For some reason I thought Vika and Linda were going to be on last but it might not have been that way. I had to go home for something during their set but did make it back in time to see the Bamboos who were great and it is always good to see them play.

It was a busy day. Cheers to everyone involved especially Peter and the Caravan Music Club crew who ran the bar and were busy all day.

See you next year.


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